We thought we would start off by telling you who we are! (I mean, after all we are just working through the order we are required to, don't blame us that the exciting bits happen further down!) We are THE BEARDED PHOTOGRAPHERS, a super fun, unique, quirky & self-taught photography (& now also video) team based in in sunny Essex. 59 High Street, Colchester, CO57ET to be exact! You can find a copy of our Public Liability & Indemnity insurance here.

beardy, tell us about your EQUIPMENT!

Well, good question because we would be pretty useless without it, aye! We both shoot with 2 cameras throughout the wedding day (our poor backs) We use 2 x mirrorless Canon R6 each with a RF 28-70mm f2 & an RF 85mm f1.2. This combination is what we like to call, DANGEROUS! Let us explain why...

For us, the mirrorless aspect of being able to see exactly what the photo will look like there & then, coupled with eye auto focus means that in various light conditions, we are getting the desired shot & outcome quicker than ever. This has a huge benefit to the couple! For example group/couple photos we want the couple to be spending time with their loved ones, the quicker we get the shot, the quicker they don't have to stand around whilst we play with our settings over again!

We toyed with different lens options for a number of years before we found the power duo! The aperture on the 28-70 f2 allows us to have a very versatile range on which is basically a prime lens throughout different focal lengths & the 85 f1.2 is an absolute dream for portraits!

For challenging light & to create a different ambience we have Godox V1 flashes & also 3 x NEO rotolights. These come in super handy for the dance floor & also to get creative with night time champagne sprays!

We don't just leave it on the ground, we take our drone with us to venues that permit the use of them (fully licensed & insured) This is an absolute game changer & adds an amazing new perspective to the couples big day. We are now using the new DJI Pro Mini 3 for our eyes in the sky!

Of course, no wedding day is the same & no venue is the same. We ALWAYS do our research beforehand to ensure the day runs as smoothly as it should! We scope out desired photo spots for all kind of weather conditions so we know when we turn up on the day where we can get amazing photos whatever the weather! We like to do this by actually visiting the venue with the couple, this gives them another chance to meet us in person before the big day! To add to this, thankfully we have never been in a position that we have been unable to attend a wedding (only ever ill on days off haha, actually what is a day off?!) but we have a team of 4 that are ready to go at any time! We all know where & when the weddings are so backup is always in place. When starting out this was the biggest fear! It is someones special day & you can't go into this line of work without backups in place, be that people or equipment!


As you can probably tell, we like to be different! From our branding to the approach & execution on the wedding day, we strive to stand out from the rest. 'We thought you was just a friend with a camera' is the most common line that our couples & guests say come the end of the night! From the initial consultation through to delivering the final album, our couples are friends & we want to give them the most memorable experience possible from our point of view.

We describe our unique approach as candid, quirky & relaxed and our editing style as true to life, bright & airy. Our aim is to capture a nice natural moment with our couples instead or a forced, fake smile. So we play a few jokes (probably can't say what they are here) in order to achieve this. We of course cover the formal group portraits as you may expect any photographer to, but even these are conducted in a fun, light hearted way!

So, what does a typical wedding day look like for the beardy gang? We arrive nice & early for bridal prep ALWAYS with a bottle of bubbles in hand for the bride, you can't turn up empty handed to bridal prep! The jokes & banter is flowing, laughs are being had & we're capturing nice natural moments. If there are 2 of us (will go into packages a little later) we are also traditionally with the grooms party at this stage also. We're then there for the WHOLE day from this point onwards. Leaving after the first dance? This is a swear word to us! Our now (we like to think) famous hashtag of #NOBEARDYNOPARTY goes down an absolute treat with couples & guests alike! We want those party shots & if the dance floor is empty, well we turn into your ultimate hype people & make sure it's nice & full for the couple (& DJ haha) we won't leave a wedding much before it ends, usually between 23:30-00:00! Come 21:30 we're having a little boogie on the dance floor with a beer in one hand & the camera in the other!

Here are some quick videos (can't believe these are being shared) of our awful dancing! Also, take a look at the empty dance floor, a before & after example video of the Beardy Hype team!!! Our mission (agreed with the bride) was at 21:00pm we would MAKE people get on that dance floor & party the night away, we didn't disappoint!

What do our couples (& even guests!) say about us?

We have picked out a small handful of comments below that have been left by some of our amazing couples (& guests!) for you to have a look at. Please feel free to also take a look at our Google review page HERE where you will find a lot more detailed reviews. We are so lucky to have the most amazing couples! We often end up seeing our couples again & again at their friends weddings as they're always recommending us to everyone they know!

''Wow, where do I even begin? Firstly, if we could give more than 5 stars we absolutely would! It felt like every other photographer we saw was focused on trying to get the sale but Joe was just himself; relaxed, friendly and spoke passionately about what he loved doing which instantly clicked with us, setting the tone for the chilled atmosphere we wanted on our big day. Joe's enthusiasm matched our excitement in the lead-up to the wedding, and his genuine passion for what he does is exactly the kind of energy we needed! He loves what he does and you really see that when working with him!

After the wedding, the main comment we got back from guests was how good our photographers were! Their approach to the day is so relaxed and it was recognised by everyone who attended. Two of our friends have already enquired about their upcoming weddings following ours! Started a beardy trend amongst our friends! It actually felt like we had two more mates with us at the wedding, it truly makes such a difference being comfortable with your photographers as they are the people you are spending so much of the day with!''

''My Husband and I have just received our wedding album from Joe and we couldn’t be happier! The most perfect photos, just what we was looking for.

From the beginning of the day until the party at the end, they captured it all.

I couldn’t recommend them enough.

They became part of our wedding party, was so much fun but also got the perfect shots.

Thankyou so much the bearded photographers!''

''Not sure where to start with Joe, but all I guess I'll start with how incredible he is and the service he provides. From the very moment we spoke to Joe about our wedding day, he was professional and guided us through what the day would look like. On the day of the wedding he was fantastic! What we loved about Joe & his colleague Mike was the fun and energy they brought to taking photos. It was all so natural and we had a lot of fun whilst taking couple shots. The pictures themselves are incredible and we now have life long memories from the amazing work of Joe. I will add as well, Joe & Mike stayed until late into the wedding reception, capturing all the moments with evenings guests. Again not something that we expected but an amazing touch to have photographers stay so late into the night capturing those dance floor dad dancing, knee sliding moments, not your bog standard, "its 7:30 were off now"

Joe, thank you for everything, thanks for capturing our day in a way that made it fun, entertaining and natural. We have the most amazing photos to forever remember our special day''

Where do I start with the Bearded Photographers! I remember looking through hundreds of reviews and recommendations for photographers, none of them were quite “us”. When I clicked the web link, seeing their work, looking through all of their photos there wasn’t one I didn’t like. Their ethos for being laid back, capturing the natural and off the cuff moments was what we were looking for.

The day was magnificent, both Joe and Mike made the day. They were everywhere and anywhere getting those moments of every guest. Loads of our guests were so complimentary of them, they just blended in with our guests! No task was too big or too small for them to assist in making the day perfect! (Joe had the do my shoes up, round everybody out of my changing area & acted as an additional toastmaster!) (Mike also went and found me some flip flops and helped me out of my shoes too!! ). If you want fun, out of the box & laid back photographers these are your guys! You won’t be disappointed!


If you’re looking for a photographer that is just as invested in your day, your night and your vibes as you are - as well as being absolutely committed to making the photo’s portray the most beautiful time. Then look no further.

I cannot stress enough the need to talk to your potential photographers before you commit to them. Go for a Beer, have Dinner together. It needs to work for them as much as it does for you. You simply need to make sure you get on, you get eachothers vibe, and you like their photography style. Joe, Gary and all of the Team started the day with us, enjoyed every moment of the ceremony and reception with us; and to top it all off, finished the night on the dancefloor with us.

They are super professional and extremely precise and determined in getting the best outcome for us as the Bride and Groom. We opted for the package which included Video and Drone Footage, both of which I now couldn’t have imagined remembering the day without. They really are the whole package (beards an’all!) .. Genuinely couldn’t recommend them enough.

What packages do you offer, beardy?

We have three main packages that we offer, you can find them HERE in all of their glory but will go over them a little more below. Of course they are all Beard related package names! We have The Stubble, The Moustache & The Beard! Although we still believe we keep the offering clear & simple for our couples, we wanted to offer three packages at three different price points to cater for different coverage requirements & ultimately, different budget restraints.

So, what do they include I hear you ask! (you probably didn't ask & instead are thinking, corrrrr when will this enddddd!)


- Unlimited Coverage, None of this leaving at the first dance nonsense! 

- 1 AWESOME Photographer

- Virtual & Face to Face consultation

- Secure Online Photo Gallery

- Minimum 300 edited images

- 12x8 Fine Art Framed Print

THE Moustache - £2699

- Unlimited Coverage! None of this leaving at the first dance rubbish! 

- 2 SUPER FUN Photographers, Every angle covered!

- Virtual & Face to Face consultation

- Secure Online Photo Gallery

- Minimum 400 edited images

- 18x12 Fine Art Framed Print

- Travel within UK*

THE beard - £3299

- Unlimited Coverage! None of this leaving at the first dance Nonsense! 

- 2 SUPER FUN Photographers, Every angle covered!

- Virtual & Face to Face consultation

- Secure Online Photo Gallery

- Minimum 500 edited images

-Drone Photography (Venue/Weather permitting)

- 24x16 Fine Art Framed Print

-12x12 Fine Art Photo Album

- Travel within UK*

Of course we can discuss adding bits on/taking bits off for couples to really tailor it specifically to their day. As well as the print that comes with the packages, we will always meet up with our couples again after their big day to showcase what their prints could look like in the various framing options/size options that we offer as this is the most popular add on post wedding. Similarly with photo albums.

By far our proudest point to note about our packages is the donations that we make to the AMAZINGGGGG Great Ormond Street Hospital. We have worked three weddings now where (as mentioned a lot of our work comes via word of mouth or guests seeing us in action) we were lucky enough to meet a little boy, Isaac. The now 5 year old has been under the care of GOSH since birth & we were really taken back by Isaacs story after meeting him, we just had to do our bit!

Since September 2022. We decided to start donating 5% of each booking to GOSH. Since then we have now donated a little over £8500! This makes us super proud to be able to support such an amazing cause. Originally we set out to donate the 5% for a 1 year period, but these donations are here to stay! For every wedding booking, no matter the package we will be continuing to donate 5%!

We visited Great Ormond Street to make our initial donation of £3200 back in March. We're super happy that 7 months later this has more than doubled!

Whats your consultation procesS?

As briefly touched on above, our weddings come to us via various channels (word of mouth/couple recommendations/reviews/wedding shows just to name a handful) but our consultation process always remains the same throughout.

In the first instance we will set up a Google video meet with the couple. The idea of this is to explain what we're about, how we work & then importantly, hear all about the couples plans & what they're expecting from a photographer. If the couple wants to go ahead or chat with us further, where possible we will always meet the couple in person for some food & a drink.

This approach straight away really brings our 'friend with a camera' vibe to life. We really don't believe in photographing someones wedding without meeting them in person beforehand, it is so important that we all get on or it just won't work! In person we can really dive deeper into the couples plans. This is where we will discuss & agree on photos, timings, group shot list, VIP's & every single little detail about their day. Some things just can't be done the same over email or a phone call!

this is a photography awards entry, show me some photos beardy!

Our couples final album is always delivered on a secure downloadable link, no matter what package has been chosen. They can buy prints directly from the link, download the photos or share it with whoever they've wish! As noted in the packages above If they opt for 'The Beard' package they also receive a printed 12x12 album as standard.

We have included a full typical wedding day digital album for you to see here: LET'S SEE THE FULL ALBUM! The album is broken down into six sections (Prep/Ceremony/Reception/Couple/Speeches/Party) so that their day flows in order & also so they can quickly access different aspects of their day at the click of a button.

If you are still with us, I have also provided you a physical printed version of this wedding in the form of one of our 12x12 leather albums. Please do take a look through the album! I mean, I hope it's still there or this line is awkward & expensive to replace haha!

Finally, I have included one of our favourite photographs. It is one that we captured whilst climbing up a really tall ladder (you wouldn't believe the amount of couples that have believed that at wedding shows). This wedding was in a field with a fishing lake, I am sure the fisherman loved us, but when we saw a boat, there was only one thing to do! You also have an acrylic print of this photo to hand.

if you're still awake ... THANK YOU SO much for reading through our entry! It really is greatly appreciated!

the beardy team

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